Naming Your Blog – 10 Considerations To Think About In This Process

Creating a new blog can be an incredibly stressful endeavor. Coming up with frequent new content, crafting a website, and honing your design takes a significant toll. However, the trials and tribulations of a new blog often come before you ever make it to this stage. In fact, the early decision to decide your blog’s name is perhaps one of the hardest things you’ll have to deal with, especially if you’re a perfectionist.

If you’ve spent hours upon hours agonizing over your decision (or, even worse, regretting it), it’s helpful to go back to basics. To help with this, here are ten considerations you should think about when naming your blog.

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1. Availability

It seems obvious and straightforward, but sometimes, it’s easy for those types of things to slip through the cracks when you’re early on. No matter what, you should always consider whether a blog name is even available! If it’s something rather generic, odds are it’s already taken, which is not only unhelpful for distinguishing your brand but incredibly tricky when trying to buy a domain name.

2. Distinguishability

Related to the last point, brand recognition should be a concern of yours from the get-go. Will your blog name stick in people’s minds? Will they remember it, and will it immediately bring your content to mind? If not (or rather, if you can’t see it becoming that), then it’s best to move on to other name possibilities.

3. Theme And Content In Your Blog

What you write about on your blog can undoubtedly impact its name. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to, although it is a great place to start. For example, if you have a blog about cooking, thinking about names related to dishes, puns about food, etc., these are entirely reasonable places to start brainstorming. Even if you decide later on that you don’t want anything too dull or “on the nose,” it’s better to go through all your options before counting anything out right off the bat.

4. Tone

While the content you include on your blog is critical, it’s easy to forget that the tone you take is equally so. Your writing style and the feeling it evokes both stick with a reader and set you apart from competitors. With that in mind, it’s an essential factor to consider when deciding on your blog’s name. You don’t want anything that is in drastic contrast to the feeling of your posts. Consistency is the key.

5. Competition

When doing anything in a niche, checking out the competition is a crucial step. The same goes for naming. You most certainly don’t want a blog name that seems like a carbon copy of another, nor do you want anything that could potentially be mixed up. You always want readers to know that you’re different and that you offer a fresh, new perspective. Having a fresh name that stands out is a great way to set yourself apart before you even start writing.

6. Appearance

UX designers, poets, and other visually minded people will tell you right off the bat that the look of words matters just as much as the words themselves. Thinking up an excellent name is only one part of the equation. If the letters just don’t look right in the domain name or in your site’s chosen font, then its back to the drawing board.

7. Relevance

Something many blog owners may overlook is whether their blog’s name will stay relevant or if there’s potential for it to become outdated in a few months’ or years’ time. The name of your blog is directly correlated with your brand, so it’s essential to ensure that it has plenty of staying power.

8. Potential

Naming can be tricky in that you have to strike the right balance between specific but also still general enough that the name won’t be invalidated entirely if your focus shifts a bit. You always want to have room for growth, so avoid naming your blog something that could majorly restrict you down the road. For example, a baking blog should probably still keep it fairly general. At the end of the day, you don’t want a name only about cupcakes if you might someday write about making quiches!

9. Sound

Similar to thinking about appearance, bloggers should always take the sound of a blog’s name into account. You want people to spread the word of your blog around, so you need a name that is memorable, easy to say, and thus easily shareable with others. With that in mind, it’s probably best to leave tongue twisters or names that are difficult to pronounce off the table.

10. Others’ Opinions

Last but certainly not least, you should always consider others’ opinions whenever you’re naming your blog. Anticipating what your audience will think about it and tailoring it to their tastes is fantastic, but our assumptions aren’t always correct, even if you know your niche very well. Always get opinions from others. They might just give you the feedback you never thought of, which could keep you from making a naming choice you’ll regret later.

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