15 Household Lifehacks You Should Know To Optimize Your Life

It’s just about 2020, and that means a whole new crowd of people who are looking to become more efficient and make their lives easier with lifehacks. Did you know, though, that you can hack your household life as quickly as your professional or personal? Well, you can, and we’re here to help you along that journey. Read along to see 15 household hacks that are sure to level up your life.

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1. Organize Your Freezer With Binder Clips

We all know that the freezer can become a disaster zone of epic proportions before you even know it. To help keep it organized, hang frozen bags of food and veggies from the upper shelf with binder clips! This will give you more space for other stuff while being able to see everything easily.

2. Remove Small Scratches With Toothpaste

It turns out that your toothpaste can do more than just scrub your teeth squeaky clean. It can also buff out small furniture scratches, effectively saving you time, money, and sanity.

3. Use Cooking Oil To Remove Residue

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Have you ever brought home a new item you love to discover that it has one of those labels or price stickers on it? Well, now you can remove them and the gross residue they leave behind. Just rub it down with some cooking oil, and voila!

4. Clean Cooktops With A Magic Eraser

Ceramic cooktops are as significant a pain to clean as they are gorgeous to look at. Instead, choose to use a magic eraser. It won’t scratch your cooktop, but it will get it nice and clean.

5. Embrace Vinegar

If you want to truly make your life easier, learn to love vinegar! You can clean a million things with it! So next time you have a stubborn glass or hard water stains, scrub it out with vinegar.

6. Pick Up Broken Glass With Bread

Accidentally dropping something made of glass is horrible, but the cleanup is even worse. Pro-tip to make it easier: dampen bread with some water and dab it wherever the glass is. The bread will pick it up with no bloodshed!

7. Pay Attention To Your Sheets’ Tag

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Ever struggled to get a fitted sheet put on, right? Next time pay attention to the tag. The corner with the tag always goes on the bottom right of the mattress.

8. Flip Your Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are infamously challenging to store, especially if you have a lot of them. Make it more efficient by alternating whether your wine glasses face up or down to maximize space.

9. Clean Your Microwave With Lemon

It doesn’t matter what you make it them; everything always seems to explode in the microwave. Clean up any stuck-on messes by microwaving a bowl of water with lemon until its boiling. The steam will loosen everything up enough to wipe away easily.

10. Use An Extra Shower Rod For Storage

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Feel like there’s never enough space to store all your shower stuff? Let’s fix that by adding an extra shower rod. Once that’s up, you can hang small baskets of products and luffas while still staying organized.

11. Save Burnt Pots With Just Soap And Water

No matter how good of a chef you are, you’re bound to burn something terribly once or twice. Once it happens, all the scrubbing in the world can’t save the pot. Instead, fill the pot with hot and dish soap and put it on the stove to boil. That should make everything soft and more comfortable to get off.

12. Make A DIY Shoe Rack

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Shoe racks can get super expensive despite being really straightforward, so make your own! Just turn a wine box on its side and put your shoes in all the compartments. Afterward, you can grab a glass of wine and celebrate how smart you are.

13. Organize Your Hair Accessories

Losing hair ties continually is just a fact of having long hair. Turn that around, storing them on a key clip. This will keep them all in one place and organized, meaning you spend less time searching and less money buying new ones.

14. Maximize Space In Your Household With PVC Holders

The bathroom can quickly become a frustrating mess when you’ve got lots of hairdryers, curlers, and straighteners. Organize it by creating DIY holders for them. All you need to do is attach PVC to your cabinet doors and stow your products in them.

15. Store Bags In Empty Wipe Containers

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Reusing plastic bags is a great way to be a little greener. The problem is that they all tend to end up as a massive mess in a cabinet. Store them in empty disinfecting wipe containers to free up space. This hack is especially perfect for storing bags in your car!

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