15 Ways To Get Seen On Social Media’s Biggest Platforms

Whether you’re an up-and-coming company, website, professional, or something else entirely, you will want your brand to get as much exposure as possible. Luckily, you have a variety of avenues to do this thanks to our social media-centric culture.

At the same time, though, it can still be rather difficult to break through and get noticed in the top 2020 digital spaces due to the sheer number of others looking to do the same. Want a little advice? Here are 15 ways to get seen on the biggest social media platforms of today.

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1. Utilize Images

While the jury’s out whether a picture really says a thousand words, it certainly captures attention a lot easier – and that’s precisely what you need to succeed on social media.

2. Embrace Hashtags

While they can be annoying in excess, they’re also beneficial whether you’re an individual or company looking to expand your audience. They can bring your brand to new people with little effort, so don’t be afraid to give hashtags a go.

3. Engage with Others

Social media is a business of giving and take. If you just take, the odds are that few will want to interact with you or even notice you to begin with. So, make it a point to engage with other pages and people regularly. This will build your reputation while also getting you in front of new eyes.

4. Focus on Shareable Posts

There’s a reason all the top influencers tell their followers to like, comment, and share. It works with your current audience, helping to expand your brand with little overt effort on your part. For this to happen, though, you need to ensure your posts are engaging, shareable, easy to consume.

5. Ask Questions

Related to the whole give and take thing, you can’t just expect to get seen and grow your following on social media just by talking at your audience. No! Not only does this limit your exposure, but it also looks bad, meaning few will want to engage with your brand even when noticed. Instead, ask questions, interact with followers/potential followers, and start a conversation.

6. Post Regularly

Social media is continuously bombarded with thousands upon thousands of posts a day. In order to make it, you’ll need to post regularly to show up on anybody’s radar. Like with most anything in life, consistency is key!

7. Share Interesting Content

It may seem harsh, but boring content just doesn’t have a place in social media. With so many options out there, you need to stand out from the crowd. And of course, you’ll need to do this by sharing interesting content! Prove why people should spend their precious time in your little corner of the internet, and your brand will go far.

8. Know Your Audience

It’s essential to expand outside of your common area if you want to be seen and get new followers, but it’s also crucial to recognize your niche! Always know your audience and play to it accordingly. Otherwise, your brand feels inconsistent and sloppy, which will only drive your biggest audience away. Avoid at all costs!

9. Reign In Your Tone

While everyone respects the hustle, most everybody feels uncomfortable when they know they’re being sold to. Nobody wants to feel like your personal piggy bank or social media stat, so be careful about your tone. Don’t oversell anything as it can only drive followers away.

10. Use Mobile-Friendly Design

Most of our social media is consumed on our phones these days, so plan accordingly! Keep your posts bite-sized and short for maximum engagement and design your website so that it looks excellent whether users are on a phone, tablet, or computer. This will mean a wider reach and will just generally make you look more put together and professional.

11. Maintain A Real Brand

As mentioned before, consistency is what you’re after, and it’s no more crucial than in your brand. If your tone and look are all over the place, followers probably won’t stick around to see you get it together. Maintain a cohesive style and voice, and your content will be much more well-received.

12. Avoid Over-posting

While you should post regularly, you shouldn’t over-post either! After all, seeing constant posts by the same page is an annoyance. It clogs up feeds and makes scrolling more complicated than necessary. Social media users do not take kindly to that and will quickly unfollow. It’s crucial that you find a balance to keep this at bay.

13. Use Various Networks

Not all social media are created equal. Each one has a devoted and varied audience and, as such, is an excellent opportunity for growth! Make sure to be active on at least three social media sites for maximum visibility.

14. Avoid Clickbait

In order to be seen on Facebook, Twitter, and the like, you need to encourage clicks. This can make clickbait tempting, but resist Users are smart and can tell what’s clickbait and what’s not. If they sense it, they’ll probably turn the opposite direction immediately. Instead, just focus on making good, shareable content. If you do this, you’ll be noticed and gain a strong following in no time at all.

15. Be Memorable

Connected to maintaining a cohesive brand, you want to maintain a memorable brand. Develop a unique style. Cultivate an engaging voice. Produce content that people actually want. Show followers what you have that competitors don’t. Be genuine and creative. All of that is what will really win in the end.

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