Empowering Women – Enhancing And Facilitating Women To Break Glass Ceilings

Empowering women is enhancing awareness of the capabilities of a woman, removing bias and mistreatment of women in society. By facilitating awareness in a woman and making her conscious of her capabilities within, the world will see massive growth in alpha-female entrepreneurship.

Notably, empowering females has led to women breaking glass ceilings in accomplishing great things and becoming business leaders. Through female empowerment, women have become self-aware of their capabilities within themselves and decide strategically on issues affecting the whole society.

Research and experience have shown the world that a more even gender distribution at different managerial levels has a beneficial effect on profitability and efficiency. Empowering women in business is leading to sustainability in the quality of lives in every community.

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Leadership And Alpha Females

Women empowerment is being experienced through Alpha females working on unprecedented roles that require enormous responsibilities. Women have taken on innovative work that previously was considered men’s work.

Alpha women are providing role models and mentorship to young girls making them aware and conscious of grand woman ambitions and abilities. Highlighting and encouraging women’s ambitions in leadership positions brings out female power.

Women’s power in leadership facilitates women in breaking what is commonly known as the glass ceiling. For example, a female innovator in ICT, Rebecca Enonchong, is a founder of AppsTech, and Whitney Wolfe Herd the founder and CEO of Bumble. This is fantastic because the technology sector is 95% male-dominated.

Training And Providing Professional Development In Girls And Women

Educating women in life-long skills through education is empowering women to become self-reliant. Women and young girls are taught vocational skills that empower them to become qualified professionals. Knowledge of mechanical skills, tailoring, computer coding, and engineering are other fantastic skills to train and empower women.

An example is in countries experiencing conflict, such as Afghanistan, where women are taught web development in ICT. Training these skills to women helps stop gender stereotyping and labeling females as incapable in society.

Empowering Women Break Glass Ceilings


Actualizing Business Development, Market Practices, And Empowering Supply Chains

Women’s entrepreneurship growth is implemented through having platforms that facilitate the awareness and distribution of women’s enterprises. In the supply chain, women’s capabilities are facilitated by working with ladies in businesses. Fashion has male-dominated brands. How does women’s empowerment disrupt male dominance?

For example, Carbon38, a woman-founded company, works with and sells 75% of fashion products that are female-produced brands. Also, Carbon38 has provided a platform for new micro-level woman-branded leggings to be displayed to retail consumers.

In conclusion, female empowerment is the raising of awareness of female capabilities. Women empowerment is carried out through having women in leadership positions. This creates alpha females who break glass ceilings. Women leaders empower others by being role models to other females.

Female training in skills empowers them to be self-reliant. This enhances the development of capabilities within women. Professional growth in girls enables the reduction in females being stereotyped by society.

Women are empowered in entrepreneurship by being provided with platforms that highlight their business products. Also, women, by being given a platform to enter into male-dominated fields, can enter the supply chain and break glass ceilings in business.

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