15 Best Morning Routines To Peak Your Inspiration Level For The Entire Day

Everyone knows that having a good morning routine has lots of benefits to your physical health, emotional health, relationships, and more. It can set you up for a less stressful, more productive day – and all with a few easy key routine changes. What kind of routine should you set up, though? Well, we’re here to help you figure it out. Here are 15 of the best morning routines to inspire and motivate you all day long.

1. Early To Bed, Early To Rise

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We know, we know. We hate getting up early, too. But going to bed and getting up earlier will leave you with more time to wake up, plan your day, and enjoy the things you’re usually too rushed to do. It may seem impossible at first, but you’ll be all about it once you don’t have to rush out the door right after your alarm goes off.

2. Meditate

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Meditating first thing in the morning can provide a gentle, relaxing introduction into the day. It will also put you in a good, productive state of mind so you can tackle everything with minimal stress!

3. Morning Work Out

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Do you have any depression issues or anxiety that’s palpable even when you first wake up? A morning work out routine will do you a world of good thanks to how exercise releases endorphins. With consistency, it can really help lift your mood and ward off a mild case of the blues.

4. An Attitude Of Gratitude

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Want an easy way to feel inspired in the morning? Start a gratitude journal! Reflecting on even the small, good things in your life will improve your mood and give you the pep you need to get things done!

5. Write A To-Do

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It doesn’t have to be a mile long, but a good to-do list will help you focus for the day ahead while also organizing your thoughts a bit. Be sure to prioritize, though! Putting more than four significant goals on your list will only either overwork you or stress you out. We don’t need either of those things.

6. Eat A Balanced Breakfast

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They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we’re prone to agree. It will help improve your mood, boost your metabolism, and improve your performance for a better day overall. Just be sure to eat proteins, fats, and yes, even carbs, to ensure your breakfast is smart and balanced. Otherwise, you might feel hungry or crash early in the day.

7. Read & Relax

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While you’re getting up earlier, why not take some time to read a bit before you start your day? It will provide a great opportunity for both relaxation and learning, which oftentimes gets pushed to the wayside during the day.

8. Set Tomorrow’s Alarms

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Most of us switch on our alarms at night when we’re tired and groggy. Looking back at this, it is a recipe for disaster. If you’ve ever shortchanged yourself time to wake up (or have fallen asleep before setting any alarms at all!), try setting your alarms in the morning. This way, you can better calculate your wake-up time, and you can ensure your alarm gets switched on period.

9. Quality Pet Time

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Our furry friends are important parts of our families, and spending time with family is crucial to good mental health. Embrace that by setting aside some quality pet time after you wake up. This can look like taking Fido on a nice, long walk, snuggling with Sylvester before work, or maybe watching Hamtaro run around in his ball. Either way, this will help you feel closer to your animal friend and set you up for a happier, more fulfilling day.

10. Make Your Bed

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It seems like something small and insignificant, but making your bed in the morning will push your entire day in a better direction. Why? Because it’s an easy win! Just finishing this small task will give a sense of accomplishment that will inspire you to keep achieving throughout the day.

11. Reflect On Yesterday

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People don’t take enough time to appreciate their wins. Change that by implementing a little reflection time into your morning routine. You don’t have to devote a ton of time, but even a couple minutes to celebrate your victories from yesterday will provide plenty of energy to take on today and win again. It’s also a good idea to reflect on what you could improve on going forward.

12. Tidy Up The House

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Similar to making your bed, tidying up will help you feel like you’ve accomplished something and will push you to keep conquering everything on your to-do list. It also has the benefit of providing a clean, comfy space which will improve your focus and help you feel calmer. Don’t feel like you have to clean your whole house top to bottom, however. Just a few minutes of tidying will quickly add up.

13. Staying Hydrated

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Instead of reaching for your morning cup o’ joe, try out a glass of water for a couple of days. It’s better for your physical health in the long-term, but it also has surprising benefits for productivity. It might seem difficult at first, but eventually drinking water in the morning will help you wake up and provide the mental clarity that coffee pretends to.

14. Morning Tech Cleanse

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It sounds intense and challenging, but it’s really not. Just take some time during your morning routine and declare it phone-free. The break from technology will help you feel better (constant scrolling, checking email, etc. can leave you overwhelmed fast!) and will also give you space to do other important things like reading, meditate, or play with your dog.

15. Difficult Task Time

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Science has shown that willpower and self-control may be a limited resource. With that in mind, it’s essential to use it wisely. Using it early in the day and on your most challenging task is a smart way to do this. Tackling your hardest to-dos early may feel challenging, but you’ll quickly get into the swing of it. Also, you’ll end up feeling incredibly inspired for the entire day once you slay your goal!

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