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Any creative person knows for a fact that creativity comes in the form of Sine Waves. Sometimes, you’re brimming with ideas and solutions that can change the world, while at other times, you are as lost as Nemo in the ocean.

How can you come up with a new form or texture every time you are meant to? During the book’s Research phase, it was found that there are so many unexplored design forms present in Nature. All the designs in Nature, whether they be animals, insects, or other non-living things like rocks, have their own beauty, texture, and colors.

Moreover, they blend so well with the surroundings that it’s just fantastic. To create sustainable designs, it is necessary to create something unconventional. And thus, the idea of using Nature as an inspiration was born.

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Nature Of Form Book

Bhagvanji, Product Designer, and Co-Author of Nature of Form were already encompassing the elements of Nature in many of his designs. And he felt that every time he needed to repeat a specific process. He says, “I like to use the patterns or textures from nature. Nature is also home to unimaginable and yet elegant curves and shapes.

I wished that this power and strength of the designs in Nature should have more concrete and structural form. I have diversely surfed the Internet and Design Books for such thing, but nope, nothing of this sort is present. There may be a few collections available, but I wanted more. And so I decided to create it. And that became the book, ‘Nature of Form’.”

The book ‘Nature of Form’ is a collection of Forms, Colors, and Textures extracted from various elements in nature. It covers 150 elements divided into categories like Fruits, Vegetables, Insects, etc. From these elements, 1454 entities have been derived (432 Forms, 231 Patterns, 791 Colors).

The extraction of forms, patterns, and colors was a tedious one, but the result was a beautiful book that has the competence to become any designer’s most valuable asset. It is not a guide or learning-book; it is merely a tool for Design exploration. It makes your process of inspiration hunt easier.

The book is not just a simple collection of various patterns, forms, and colors. What makes it unique is that apart from the collection in a simple, elegant, visually appealing format, it also connects a form with various attributes like delicate, bulky, symmetric, etc.

And I think that those who are there in the creative and Design field know the importance of connecting various attributes, moods, and emotions to the Design. One more thing that was meticulously taken care of in the book was not to go for the apparent extractions.

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Inspiration From Nature

Inspirations from Nature is not a new thing. For example, everybody knows of the famous Leopard print in the world of fashion. You might have worn one too. The book contains an extraction of forms that comprise the element in its natural habitat during the entire cycle of the day.

An insect flying or a whale turned upside down or a Cheetah in full sprint, whatever entity you might select from the book, it has been tried to keep it genuinely modernist. ‘Nature of Form’ has also with partnered with One Tree Planted and will donate $1 for every book sold.

The book was launched on Kickstarter on February 26, 2020. It was funded within a day. Super early bird copies are available at a 44% discount ($25). Limited copies are left. Back as early as possible to get maximum Discount.

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