10 Cutting – Edge Web Design Trends For 2020

Many trends seem to come back like the gradients; however, they come along with a little twist, like the dynamic gradients. Well, this implies that if flat designs do not come into existence, there will be a fallout of web designs this new year.

Plus, dynamic gradients are phenomenally cool and can acquire the whole space out there for the website of your web design company. Still, with frontiers like Google and Apple approving the flat design, this might be the year of diving deep and colors in a minimal nature. For a few months, flat designs covering splashes of deep and energetic colors have been witnessed that can simply afford the attention and experiment the rush it deserves.

E-commerce has already entered into a new field of rules for millions and zillions of consumers, which is the reason the users are getting whatever is required by them, ranging from the UX and UI interfaces to the user experiences to the visual designs. The latest topmost design trends are concentrating on speed, subtlety, and usability. Scroll down to choose the most exquisite custom web design.Web Design Trends Image1


Valiant And Simple 

Since more and more businesses prefer to stand out from the crowd by choosing simple and bold shades, there will be many more business owners who will do the same. As we see saturation, the deep and valiant colors are absorbing plus also seek the attention of people, and can be used by tons of online businesses out there. Being against everything, such businesses choosing the bold refers to showing the open-mindedness of the business in standing distinctively from the other competitors in the market.

Also, depending on a specific brand’s target, it can invite honesty and association with others. The process helps take into consideration the In-Plane Switching technology that can turn the arrogant colors entirely away from others so that the audience can enjoy it. 

GIFs, Illustrations, And Animations

Videos were so darn supported two years back; however, with the scenario of slow page loading times, it has turned difficult now, as the slow-speed web pages can negatively affect the traffic. However, for quite some time, there has been the involvement of motion graphics, which means animation is showcased everywhere and is also receiving great applause from people.

But there are many ways in which the animation thing can bite an organization like:

  • Transition in the pages and parallax scrolling
  • The mouseover effects
  • Mobile animation

The motion graphics take less time to load in comparison to the outright motion images, like the excellent quality of the video, despite many use cases. Motion graphics are good for adding charm and light to the overall brand whenever they are executed in the right manner; however, animations, illustrations, and GIFs can also help stand in and narrate the story in the proper way.  Illustrations are suitable for product businesses to inform the users about the usage of the product or help them view the pages of the website. 

Asymmetric Layouts 

Checking out clearly, you would see most of the websites as grid-based. It is not anything like the well-organized home pages being fulfilled; it’s instead about the applause being received by asymmetric layouts. People support these structures, and even personal websites are also making way with them.

These half-broken grid layouts are considered good because of their distinctive nature and assertiveness. However, at the same time, it will be difficult for businesses with a significant quantity of live content to see the designs as disarray for their website, which can also hurt the readers. Such brands would not consider the designs. 


This is not entirely a web design trend; it is a new one. Since typeface design has undertaken the usage of traditional San serif fonts, the trending choice of typefaces is going to be bold and brave and cannot be missed by anyone. As we know, words speak louder than images, and that can be the case with this as well.

The usage of large, bold, and personalized fonts to move in for elaborating typefaces gives tremendous meaning to everything. For setting your business away from the crowd, this is the time to support the custom fonts that can transform bold statements. 

CSS Grids 

The use of this design in your web development company can be proven as an answer to the responsiveness question. For a long time now, online brands have decided to create websites that have desktop plus mobile sites only. Designers can configure the websites for detection of the device used by the visitor so that they can direct the visitors toward the version of the website that is supported by the device. 

Vector Graphics 

Every person is fond of multimedia, and most websites are engaging in hosting multimedia content as it is rated higher for engagement with visitors in comparison to text-based sites. It has been recently discovered that Google will be using mobile-first indexing results that can rank the websites.

This specific statement is not a piece of massive news as more than half of the users prefer mobile devices for using the internet rather than desktops. During this time, vector graphics come in; they are the ones that can be scaled as per the size of the screen and simultaneously take care of the quality of real graphics. 

Hand Drawings 

With the realization of webmasters, a website has so much more to present and not just the online address. The hand-made elements give a distinctive sense of character to the pages of the website. Hand drawing is regarded as clear and outstanding, which can be used to enlighten, enchant, and engage with the audience.

Voice Interfaces

All the attention spans are short-lived, and the intelligent webmasters are aware of whom to shake hands with. Most of the time, they prefer progressive web designers for capturing and then leading to an increasingly diverted readership. Since there are a lot of people who are choosing smart virtual voice-overs, some of the ones who have already honed it are Google, Siri, and Cortana. 

Artificial Intelligence

In the year 2018, Facebook introduced predictions about social media trends that could arise in the same year. The three out of all predictions were artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and machine learning. The UX designers take a look ahead of 2020 and see that there will be just getting away from the traditional home pages.

Cruelty in Web Designing 

As and when the material and flat design came into consideration, there was no coming back of firm grid layouts with the sharp edges that led towards the web design block. Currently, the aim is to encourage people to create original designs and to develop a sense of belonging for the target audiences. 

Author Bio: Ravi Sharma, a renowned young entrepreneur, has created his business as a brand for web development services. His business is beneficial for displaying various other businesses’ best in the online world. Owning a team of highly skilled professionals and impeccable expertise in processing the development of WordPress websites aptly. You will always see him busy exploring adventure all along the way and inspiring everyone with his motivation.

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