10 Most Insane & Inspiring Computer Setups

When most people are thinking about getting a new and better computer for their home or work, it’s usually always a standard factory-made computer that one can get from any store. Well, for some people the challenge of putting together their own outlandish computer setup is more appealing than keeping their hard-earned cash in their wallets. In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the most insane, yet inspiring, computer setups that the world has ever seen.

Before we get started, however, there is no mention of what costs were associated with each build so we have just compiled this list based on the appearance and the features of the computer setups mentioned. Should you own a setup that you feel would fit this list perfectly, please let us know in the comment section below and we will have a look at it. So, let’s begin!

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1. The “Sky Viewer”

Most of the awesome computer setups on this list are sporting multiple screens and that is somewhat of a requirement for people these days, it seems. This one, however, has a unique approach to the setup and instead of a horizontal setup, the user has put together a sky view of computer screens to position his/her apps. Definitely an interesting and inspiring setup.

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2. All-Inclusive

When you think of an amazing computer setup, the first thing you think about is probably not a loft bed with a hoarders-amount of computer stuff underneath it. Well, this user decided that instead of wasting all that headroom, why not put all of the computer setup under his/her loft bed and create somewhat of an all-inclusive approach to the whole work/life balance. Inspiring!

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3. The “LED Fanatic”

Using LEDs to accent a computer setup is common practice today but this user has created a zen-like accentuation of LEDs to brighten the entire room and make it a haven for high-thought work discipline. The added projector screen is nothing less than fantastic and used in combination with the computer, this setup is as complete as you can probably currently achieve.

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4. The “Screen Roamer”

No doubt is screen real estate one of the most important factors in today’s workflow. Without adequate screen real estate, our workflow usually suffers big. This user has definitely pushed the envelope of putting as much screen real estate as possible in the seemingly limited available area. Cramped, somewhat. Inspiring, YES!

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5. Pushing The Limit

When it comes to pushing the limits of screen real estate then this user is definitely in the lead. Utilizing the vertical as well as the horizontal space makes this perhaps one of the most insane and eye-catching computer setups on this list. Question is, what is all that screen real estate used for and to what extent does it optimize workflow? Nonetheless, this setup is nothing short of amazing.

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6. The “Aviator”

We have seen it before and we will see it again in the future. What I am talking about is the insane lengths people will go to create a realistic cockpit in their home. This user, who we will adequately call the “Aviator” has assembled a lifelike aircraft cockpit and we are sure it feels amazing “gaming” on this quite mind-numbing computer setup.

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7. Let There Be Light!

As we are not limiting this list to only work or gaming setups, this home studio setup is a joy to behold. The lighting is fantastic and knowing songwriters and producers spend an obscene amount of time in their chair, the one chosen for this computer setups looks not only amazingly retro-techy but also maddeningly comfortable. A+ for esthetics to this amazing computer setup.

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8. The “Streamer”

Streaming is perhaps one of the most popular forms of entertainment online today. Tens of thousands of people can simultaneously watch a game of Fortnite, for example. This computer setup is a true testament to how perfect a streaming setup can actually be if you spend enough time to make sure you add all the necessities in the right place. Compact, comfortable and insanely inspiring.

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9. The “Ultra Calm”

All computer setups don’t have to be larger than life or consist of a mind-blowing amount of screens to appease the senses. This one, that utilizes the amazing light of the sky and the panoramic windows, will definitely inspire. Just look at that view and imagine the clam one must feel sitting there working. Can a computer setup be more zen-like? We think not. – Photo: Robbie Fizzle

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10. The “Sky Box”

Ever heard of the expression “sitting on cloud nine”? Well, this computer setup has definitely used the amazing location to its fullest potential. It’s like a sky box worthy of kings and queens. The world perspective one must have while working at this desk must be a breath of fresh air when the neurons fire off in the brain taking in all of that awesomeness and coming up with new ideas. This one is absolutely going on the bucket list of things to one day have at home.

These are the ten most insane and inspiring computer setups that we could find, however, if you have one that would rival this list then don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below. We would be more than happy to extend this list and add more amazing computer setups.

Now, sit down and plan your amazing computer setup and create that zone of inspiration that will push your inspiration to the limit. Good luck!

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