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Email marketing is an efficient way to reach your users, build your audience, and grow sales. The right email marketing software allows you to send emails with limited design experience. It also enables you to create custom, automated email campaigns and help you create comprehensive customer lists with segmentation capabilities.

In this article, we’ll look at these leading email marketing software on the market: ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ConvertKit, MailerLite, and AWeber, and compare them so you can make an informed decision. Remember, not all email marketing tools are created equal, so you should look closely to find out which one will work for you.

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MailChimp is an all-around email marketing software for businesses that provides many tools for all sizes of companies. It is the most popular email marketing tool used because of its ease of use.


  • A free account with up to 2,000 contacts.
  • Signup forms to allow you to collect user contact on your website.
  • Easy email-building interface to craft emails.
  • Ability to schedule email delivery to fit your schedule and audience.
  • Segment your email list into groups and use tags to categorize your audience.


  • MailChimp integrates with fewer third-party business software compared to other marketing software in this review.
  • Although MailChimp offers email and live chat, their support tends to be slower.


ConvertKit is an email marketing software that is geared towards professional bloggers and internet entrepreneurs. It’s easy to use yet powerful, with a lot to offer.


  • It comes with customizable email forms, allowing you to design your emails how you want them.
  • Supports email automation such as email drips.
  • It supports subscriber tagging instead of just general lists, and this helps you segment your audience in a more meaningful way.


  • ConvertKit has no free accounts, only paid accounts.
  • Compared to other email marketing services, ConvertKit is more expensive.


AWeber is one of the oldest email marketing services, which gained popularity in the early days of blogging. Since then, it has remained popular with bloggers.


  • Easily design your email with AWeber’s drag-and-drop interface.
  • Run split tests into your email subjects to see which one performs better than the other.
  • Create email list segments to send targeted emails and campaigns.
  • Track email fulfillment with analytics like open rates, click-throughs, and more.


  • AWeber’s interface is a bit outdated compared to the other email marketing services we looked at.


ActiveCampaign is an affordable email marketing service that is geared to small businesses. It has an intuitive interface that allows you to get things done quickly.


  • A well-designed and intuitive interface makes it a breeze to craft stunning emails.
  • Transparent upfront pricing that is manageable.
  • Integration with other third-party business tools through Zapier connection.
  • A very responsive support team that is ready to help 24/7.


  • Although the interface is intuitive, it is not feature-rich compared to the other email marketing software we reviewed.
  • Third-party integrations will cost you extra and can quickly add up.


MailerLite is a relatively new contender in the email marketing software space. From our initial in-depth look, we could see that MailerLite aims to give its customers the best of both worlds: feature-rich interface at an affordable price. MailerLite is genuinely an international software supporting over eight languages.


  • MailerLite offers a modern and highly customizable interface for crafting emails.
  • MailerLite is genuinely global, supporting eight languages.
  • MailerLite supports a free account for up to 1,000 subscribers with limited features.
  • Natively supports integration with such applications as WordPress, Shopify, and Lead pages.
  • Newsletter templates allow you to quickly design a campaign.


  • Marketing automation is lacking in MailerLite, and that limits what you can do when crafting a robust campaign.
  • MailerLite has fewer features compared to other email marketing software we reviewed.

Conclusion – Email Marketing Software

Finding the right email marketing service to use is an important consideration to make. With the right email marketing tools, your marketing efforts will feel more like a breeze instead of a chore and can positively impact your bottom line.

At the very least, you should consider your most essential needs against the cost of each service. For example, while some businesses require third-party integrations, you may not need it. Knowing what your absolute needs are and what your projected needs will be will help you choose wisely.

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