25 Most Creative Custom Lego Brickheadz Builds

The popularity of lego is continuing to soar and is currently increasing by seemingly the hour. Just a simple search for “custom lego builds” on any search engine will yield you with a landslide of amazing builds that the fans of lego, young and old, have creatively put together. It always boggles my mind when thinking about how they came up with their builds and how the managed to carefully choose the right bricks and then put it all together in order for the build to look exactly what they want it to look like.

Lego was created as a toy out of wood back in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen, but it would take until 1934 when Mr. Christiansen started the now famous company Lego, which in Danish means “Leg Godt” or “Play Well” in English.

For the longest time, people used to create their own Lego mini figurines to make sure they got the right aesthetics when it comes to the accuracy of their build and needed a mini figurine to be housed in it. However, nowadays, people have started a trend called Brickheadz which is a slightly more advanced form of the “get the right character by building it yourself”-kind of approach.

Plain and simple, the Brickheadz phenomena is basically fans using Lego bricks to build their favorite characters movie, game or whatever else they adhere from using only the Lego bricks at their disposal.

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the amazing creativity that the Lego community is continuously pushing out in the form of Brickheadz. As always, if you have even more amazing Brickheadz builds that you think that we should see, or even include in this list, never hesitate to let us know in the comment section below. We are always interested in seeing some epic scale or creative solutions to Lego builds that you, our readers, have been able to put together.

So, without further ado, here are 25 of the most creative custom Lego Brickheads builds that we were able to find.

1. Marty McFly

Custom Brickheadz Marty McFly Article Image 1

2. Emmet (Lego Movie)

Custom Brickheadz Emmet Article Image 2

3. Futurama II

Custom Brickheadz Futurama II Article Image 3

4. Super Mario

Custom Brickheadz Super Mario Article Image 4

5. Carl Fredricksen & Russell (UP!)

Custom Brickheadz Carl Fredrickson Russell Article Image 5

6. Admiral Ackbar (Star Wars)

Custom Brickheadz Admiral Ackbar Article Image 6

7. Batman & Two-Face

Custom Brickheadz Batman Two-Face Article Image 7

8. Darth Maul (Star Wars)

Custom Brickheadz Darth Maul Article Image 8

9. Buzz Lightyear

Custom Brickheadz Buzz Lightyear Article Image 9

10. Albert Einstein

Custom Brickheadz Albert Einstein Article Image 10

11. Thor

Custom Brickheadz Thor Article Image 11

12. Nick Fury

Custom Brickheadz Nick Fury Article Image 12

13. Hagrid (Harry Potter)

Custom Brickheadz Hagrid Article Image 13

14. Pulp Fiction

Custom Brickheadz Pulp Fiction Article Image 14

15. Inspector Gadget

Custom Brickheadz Inspector Gadget Article Image 15

16. Aladdin & Genie

Custom Brickheadz Aladdin Genie Article Image 16

17. Donald Drumpf

Custom Brickheadz Donald Drumpf Article Image 17

18. Bert & Ernie

Custom Brickheadz Bert Ernie Article Image 18

19. Han Solo

Custom Brickheadz Han Solo Article Image 19

20. The Little Mermaid

Custom Brickheadz The Little Mermaid Article Image 20

21. Tinman & Cowardly

Custom Brickheadz Tinman Cowardly Image 21

22. C-3PO

Custom Brickheadz C-3PO Article Image 22

23. Cinderella & Snow White

Custom Brickheadz Cinderella Snow White Article Image 23

24. Groot

Custom Brickheadz Groot Article Image 24

25. Statue Of Liberty

Custom Brickheadz Statue of Liberty Article Image 25

As you can see, the creativity that people harbor and display is nothing short of amazing. Remember, even though there are purchasable Brickheadz available in stores, these are custom made and are created solely from taking inspiration from the real characters they depict.

We will most likely revisit this topic again in the future as there are more than enough custom lego Brickheadz out there that needs to be seen by the masses. The ones showcased here are just the top ones that we managed to find. Again, should you know or have a creative custom Bickheadz build that you feel would make a formidable addition to this list, let us know in the comment section below.

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