Top 10 Useless Products You Actually Want

In the brave new world of Amazon, Wish, and the like, we now have unprecedented options when it comes to the stuff we buy. Now just about anything we can imagine is right at our fingertips – and is probably available for free 2-day shipping.

This doesn’t just extend to the everyday, useful products but also to the totally pointless impulse buys. Curious about some of the useless products out there to buy today? Look no further. Here are 10 of the top useless products that you actually kind of want.

1. Withings Hair Coach

Products You Want Technology Image1

Question: have you ever struggled to brush your own hair? Have you ever thought to yourself, “I would really benefit from someone coaching me through this?” The answer is no, but that didn’t stop Withings from making this smart Bluetooth hairbrush. Is it dumb? Yes. Is it useless? Also, yes. Do you kind of want it just to say you have it? Yes.

2. Avocado Saver

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If avocados are of significant concern to you, then this product is right up your alley. Invented to keep your avocados fresh, it really is entirely useless when you think about the many, many alternative ways to go about it. That doesn’t stop us from wanting it, though. After all, who doesn’t love hoarding overly specific kitchen utensils?

3. Goldfish Walker

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Do you want to take man’s best friend outside? Well, what if your best friend exists in a fishbowl rather than at the end of a leash? Don’t worry – you can also now enjoy the benefits of walking your pet thanks to a goldfish walker!

It’s absolutely ridiculous and mind-boggling that someone would invent this, but that doesn’t make us want it any less. After all, it’s great for shock value and giggles if for nothing else. Unfortunately, it isn’t widely available, but it does exist, so maybe there’s hope.

4. Desktop Fridge

Products You Want Technology Image4

People love useless products because of their novelty, and there’s little more novel than this desktop fridge. It only holds one can, but it’s adorable, cheap, and you can run it just with your laptop and a USB cord. What’s not to love (other than its completely impractical size, that is)?

5. Burrito Blanket

Products You Want Technology Image5

If you’ve ever said, you wanted to be wrapped up in a blanket like a burrito, good news! Now you can take that one step further by wrapping up in a blanket that actually looks like a tortilla. Nobody needs this obviously, but it does look like a fun impulse buy.

6. Actor Sequined Pillow

Products You Want Technology Image6

Pillows are great. Sequins are great. Pillows with sequins are great. The actors are great. Why not combine it all to create a completely pointless product that’s simultaneously kind of hilarious? If it doesn’t get a laugh out of you on its own, it surely will once you see others’ reactions to it.

7. Cat Carrying Hoodie

Products You Want Technology Image7

All pet lovers know that there are a million unnecessary pet products out there (see: goldfish walker). However, most probably didn’t know that a cat carrying a hoodie is a thing. Well, it is, and we want one, despite the fact no cat will just sit and be carried about in a hoodie pocket all day.

8. Cocktail Blood Bags

Products You Want Technology Image8

Unnecessary, dumb purchases and alcohol go hand-in-hand, but this product combines them in a more literal way than ever before. Odds are, even if you rarely make cocktails and you’d only ever even consider using them at Halloween, you’re probably into them.

9. Boiling Beeper

Products You Want Technology Image9

High-tech gadgets are great, but there’s a certain point where the reliance becomes ridiculous. That point is definitely reached with this product, a gadget that beeps when your water is boiling. There’s no reason for it if you have eyes that work correctly, but it’s funny enough to warrant a purchase if you’ve got the cash.

10. Tiny Violin Replica

Products You Want Technology Image10

If people love to come to you and complain about your problems, you need to buy this tiny violin. It appears useless on the surface, but we’re sure you’ll get a lot of joy out of it when you find the occasion to whip it out. It would be better if it actually played, but it gets the point across, and that’s what counts.

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